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Search engine optimisation or SEO | Digital Marketing Perth WA

SEO is that little acronym that everyone’s chasing, and rightly so! Search Engine Optimisation directs your ideal client/target audience to sit up and take notice of you and your business, and get you making bank.

I’m all about building organic traffic according to best practices and official industry guidelines; my jam is to tailor your SEO strategies to fit you and your business, hitting your needs and avoiding one-size-fits-all bullshit. And I don’t waste your valuable time or resources with what I call ‘Fluffy SEO’, tracking the pointless data that doesn’t matter and doesn’t have a true impact on your business.




My SEO strategies are structured, concise, and smart; completely transparent so you know exactly what you’re getting into and getting. I’ll regularly monitor how it’s going and keep you updated with detailed reports. And if your eyes just glazed over at the ‘detailed reports’ part, don’t worry! I’ll be there to explain what it all means and what’s going on. I got you, boo.

SEO Copywriting + Editing

My strategy for copywriting and editing is exactly the same as SEO: No bullshit, clear, concise, and smart. I’m here to get your voice and business tone out there, not mine, so your milkshake brings all your ideal clients to your yard.


The purpose of SEO is the complete opposite of a Where’s Wally spread; it’s there to give your website the best chance of being found when relevant words and phrases are entered into a search engine. While SEO shouldn’t be relied upon as your only marketing strategy, it’s still good practice to make sure your site is as search-engine-friendly as it can be. It’s like a digital neon sign, pointing people to you.

My process is pretty straightforward, with no smoke-and-mirrors in your way, and includes;

+ Relevant keyword and phrase selection
+ Competitor and market research
+ Creation of optimised site titles, page titles and page descriptions
+ Assessment and refinement of on-page text and URL names
+ Proper implementation of SEO text to the site
+ Image optimisation
+ Monitoring and reporting on results
+ And all the technical behind the scenes stuff

The cost of SEO does depend on the size and complexity of your site; however, my pricing begins at $510 for a one-off site audit for a small site.

Copywriting – either SEO or general copy – is how you get your voice across. It’s there to attract your type of people and get your clients to fall in love with you and your products. Think of it as your personal Love Potion Number 9.

I can have content written for you from scratch, or finesse, refine and improve wording you’ve written down to make it sing like Jimi Hendrix did with his guitar. And this includes;

+ Copywriting for the web
+ Content editing and refinement (finessing, if you will)
+ Creating a unique tone and voice for your business
+ Marketing creative, including advertisements and promo materials.

Pricing depends on the total level of content, as well as what you need – finessing/refinement, or total content creation from scratch. Holler out with what you need for more information.


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