Google Stuff

Google Stuff is the blanket term I use to cover.. well, everything Google.

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It includes Google Analytics, Search Console, My Google Business, and YouTube optimisation. The Google Stuff is a HUGE part of your SEO but it’s not actually SEO if that makes sense; think of it as the base for a pizza. If you have no base, your toppings just fall off everywhere and you don’t get a delicious meal. And that’s what the Google Stuff is; a base for your toppings so you end up with a satisfying, fulfilling result.



So, what does this mean?

It means I set up the following for you:

Leverage off the pages your clients use/view the most. It’s like a short-range crystal ball to tell you what your ideal clients are coming to you for, so you can make sure you’re hitting the targets you want to hit.

Maintain the best industry standard for your website. Think of it as a defrag, exfoliation or Gremlin extermination service – it’ll get rid of build-up, dead bits that lead nowhere, and put stray bits and pieces back where they should be instead of having them run around causing glitchy little issues.

MGB is there to create and manage your Google listings and have them appear when your target market is looking for you on Google Search and Google Maps. It’s like a little homing beacon, attracting the clients you want and telling them why you’re the bomb.

YouTube is off the charts at the moment, and if optimised properly (by yours truly, of course!) you can really leverage some epic business off. Vids are automatically indexed by Google on upload, and properly captioned videos get a higher search rank. Not to mention the user engagement is rad AF – we all love a good video. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and Cisco predicts that video traffic will grow to 82% by 2022.

While there’s a running joke that Bing Search will take your search for, say, Hot Chips and give you something completely unrelated in return, Bing Places is legit. Like My Google Business, Bing Places is there to create and manage your business listing and make it more visible to online clients. It’s another little homing beacon to direct your clients to you, and I know the best way to handle this for you – so sit back, relax, and trust me to get it sorted.


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