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Here’s where you take my website philosophy and turn the dial up to 11. With me, you’re getting more than a stock-standard online store.

eCommerce + online stores | Shopify & WooCommerce Perth WA

You’re getting an online experience, tailored to your ideal client and ready to rock your products out. You’re getting clear, open, honest and transparent how-to’s on moving forward with your digital marketing efforts (so much clarity, much easy!) and best of all, you’re getting a bonafide web guru, a website partner-in-crime if you will, to support you and your business – Me.



How do you choose?

It’s actually not as difficult as it seems. My advice?

Before you jump in, really think about your external factors to see if it helps lean you towards one platform or the other.

  • What systems do you currently use, if any? By this I mean inventory management systems, POS or accounting systems – those sorts of things.
  • This is important! While the old saying ‘You gotta spend money to make money’ is true, I don’t want you to overstep your budget or waste money on one option if the other will work better and save you some cash!
  • Time. What sort of time do you have to set up products and maintain your site once it’s handed over to you?
  • Future-proofing. What plans do you have for the future of your brand? Will it be easy to change things over if you rebrand or change the type of product you’re selling?
  • What do you need this platform to do? Are you going for B2C (business to consumer, or client) or are you wholesaling (B2B – business to business)?

That all being said, the main advice this funky little guru has for you is go with what you’re going to feel most comfortable working with. This will let you create the best possible user experience, and better yet, it won’t make you tear your hair out in frustration.

Hit the accordion tabs for a breakdown of the major two eComm platforms and for an idea on pricing.


THE WIN: It’s super, SUPER easy to use. They’ve nailed the user interface on this and it’s pretty much set up for you to go and load your products. You get access to some absolute stunner themes to start with, and you just need to hook up your domain name and go.

THE FLIPSIDE: Shopify isn’t entirely compatible with some of the older software programs. The template needs minor tweaking to hit the technical SEO mark. Pricing is fixed-tier and it’ll cost more to change the overall look of the website if you need to rebrand and refocus. And if you plan on having a brick & mortar in the future, keep in mind that Shopify is only compatible with a particular point of sale hardware.

THE WIN: This option gives you a helluva lot more control over the design. Pricing is more flexible and WooCommerce will click right into your WordPress website if you have one like a perfectly placed jigsaw piece. The analytics are absolutely phenomenal and it’s compatible with pretty much anything. It’s also an absolute chameleon champ if you want to change your website later on down the track.

THE FLIPSIDE: Because it’s more flexible and adaptable, you do need to set everything up before you can load and sell products. The user interface isn’t as pretty or easy as Shopify, which can make it a teeny bit confusing.

Regardless of the platform, once a website is done, everything is handed over to you so you’ve got full control. Everything I create is going to be super easy for you to maintain and manage yourself, but if that prospect gives you the major creeps, I’ve got your back – just talk to me about the options I offer for assisted hosting and extended support.


Like a good pizza, your website + SEO package should include all the delicious bits that you’re craving on top of a perfect base and the standard inclusions.

And do I have the perfect menu for you, with a whole list of additional toppings if you need to tweak your package a little bit.

Download a copy of my packages


These babies aren’t selling points, at least they shouldn’t be. Regardless of who builds your website, these things should be included automatically. No matter what.

  • 100% availability during the entire project
  • Mobile device responsiveness
  • Optimised for speed
  • Addition of security measures
  • Set up of email marketing + social media links
  • Contact forms + Google Maps
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Training session on handover + 3 months website tech support


  • Comprehensive website consult
  • Shopify set up + template provided**
  • Set up of standard website pages (max 10 pages)
  • Integration of payment, shipping + tracking gateways
  • Set up of product pages (max 50 products)
  • Image optimisation and photoshop (up to 300 images)
  • Basic SEO integration

** Web hosting with Shopify starts at USD$29.95 per month + GST


  • Comprehensive website consult
  • Custom website design on WordPress with up to 3 revisions
  • Set up of eCommerce platform (WooCommerce + WordPress)
  • Set up of standard website (maximum 10 pages)
  • Integration of payment, shipping + tracking gateways
  • Set up of product images (maximum 50 products)
  • Image optimisation and Photoshop edits (up to 300 images)
  • Basic SEO integration


Standard Website Addons

  • 1. Additional web page | $93.00 per page
  • 2. Additional web pages – 5 page block | $372.00
  • 3. Gallery Update to make it look pretty, flush + SEO ready – 25 image block | $144.00

Standard Online Store Addons

  • 4. Additional product page – eCommerce | $16 per page/product
  • 5. Additional product page – 10 product block | $124
  • 6. Customised coding to change WooCommerce/Shopify elements | $62 per hour
  • 7. Product photography, Lightbox + Photoshop – 20 products | $480
  • 8. Creative photography + Photoshop – 20 products | $672
  • 9. Integration of other business management systems – Xero, Vend etc. | POA

SEO Addon

10. One-time complete SEO makeover, post launch + 3 month health check. Maximum 10 pages | $990.00 (save 20%)

Other Services

  • Branding + Visual Identity services | Get in touch
  • Website + content photography | Get in touch
  • Copywriting | POA
  • SEO Copywriting | POA

Heads up – all of the above prices include GST and exclude hosting fees. They’re more representative of average pricing. Flexible payment plans are also available. I’m here to help and make your life easier.

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